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About Us

Our Vision

To be an industry-leading software development outsourcing destination by continuing to deliver exceptional services with Sri Lankan software development talents.

Our Mission

To provide efficient software development resourcing solutions by exposing Sri Lankan software development talents across the globe.

Our Principles

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

  • Our highly trained team of professionals exert their value towards accomplishing IT goals dependent on your target requirements. Weight of the experience and expertise in spanning out to varying ranges of businesses.

  • We deliver a full stack of feasible solutions for our clients solely with the motive of remodeling their business approach for bettering business operations.

  • We provide end-to-end expert engineering services in exploring your software initiative. Services including innovation, design, development, quality assurance and deployment are mastered and done best in the agile way.

  • Our enthusiasm and hunger for success lead us towards the pursuit of excellence in every project undertaken. With experience and know-how in Information and Technology, we deliver products and services by incorporating cutting-edge technologies at every step of the way.

JavaScript 86%
PHP 80%
Bootstrap 85%
Wordpress 90%
Photoshop 75%


WEB 2.0 is home to a group of exceptional talents and innovative minds that are hand-picked to continue our legacy.

Professional Software Development

We believe that “one-size-fits-all” is often compromised in providing software solutions as a result of unique business requirements that may differ from one to another.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps are already an essential element that all businesses must possess to thrive in the digital world. The main use that a mobile app can offer a business is permitting users functional access to products, services, and other important information.

Resource Augmentation

Augmenting resources is the easiest and the fastest way to increase development capacity based on instant requirements.

Software Testing

Maintaining our product quality is one of the key areas of our focus.

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Eranda Malshika

Founder / Web Developer

Isal Ausansa

Co-Founder / Web Developer



Samagi Mawatha, Palayanagoda, Payagala


+94 769456523

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